Convert an Estimate to a Job

Converting an Estimate or an invoice to a job is the simplest way to create a job in Industrack

You can start converting an estimate into a job 3 ways from the Estimates Module.

First, from the estimate list. Find the estimate and tick the checkbox to its left.

Go to the More Actions tab and select Convert to Job.

Second, also from the list, click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the estimate. From the drop-down, select Convert to Job.

The 3rd way is to open the estimate and go to the Actions button. From the drop-down, select Convert to Job.

After selecting the Convert to Job option (from any of the three options), the confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue converting the estimate to a job. Select No to cancel the action.

The page will go to the Schedule Module and the Add New Job window will open.

The customer details and service location will be indicated on the new job. This will be based on the Estimate details. Other customer details, such as site notes and contact information, based on their Address Book, will also be indicated.

The Estimate Name will be used as the Job Description and the Task Name. Update these if preferred.

Proceed to complete the New Job details. Refer to the Schedule Module for the process of creating and managing jobs. The created job will be added to your default and/or custom Calendar.

After creating the job, the estimate’s status will be automatically updated to “Scheduled.”

View the Job and Export to PDF

The image for an estimate with a Scheduled status can be viewed from the Estimate Module. Click the 3-dot menu to the right of the scheduled estimate. Select View Job from the drop-down.

The Job Window will come up. From here, you can export the job to PDF.