Convert an Estimate to an Invoice

Invoices can be created in IndusTrack a number of ways.

One of the ways to generate an invoice for a customer is to convert an estimate. Convert your estimate into an invoice after your customer has approved it or after you have scheduled the job or after the job has been completed.

You can start converting an estimate into an invoice 3 ways.

First, from the estimate list. Find the estimate and tick the checkbox to its left. Go to the More Actions tab and select Convert to Job.

Second, also from the list, click on the 3-dot menu to the right of the estimate. From the drop-down, select Convert to Invoice.

The 3rd way is to open the estimate and go to the Actions button. From the drop-down, select Convert to Invoice.

After selecting the Convert to Invoice option, the confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue converting the estimate to an invoice. Select No to cancel the action.

The Invoice Module will open and the Create an Invoice window will open.

The customer details that were added to the estimate will automatically be added to the invoice. The details include customer information and terms of payment.

The estimation used will be reflected in the invoice. For example, if the estimate was created using PriceBooks with Inventory was used, both of these will be on the invoice. If the estimate was created using multiple phases, the invoice will reflect the phases.

The details such as the materials, services, and labor indicated on the estimate will be indicated as line items on the invoice.

Any notes that have been added to the estimate, taxes and discounts applied will already be added on the invoice.

Unless there is something that needs to be updated, you have created your invoice from the estimate in just a few clicks. Refer to Creating an Invoice for the detailed process of creating an invoice.

Save the New Invoice

Click the Save button at the bottom of the invoice. The invoice will remain open and you can continue working on it. To save and exit the invoice and go to the Invoice Page click the Save and Close button.

After saving the invoice, the estimate’s status will be automatically updated to “Invoiced.”

The invoice for an estimate with an Invoiced status can be viewed from the Estimate Module. Click the 3-dot menu to the right of the invoiced estimate. Select View Invoice from the drop-down.

The Invoice Edit window will come up. From here, you will see the payment status of the invoice. You can also preview, edit and send the invoice. Refer to the Invoice Module for the details on creating and managing invoices.

Updated Lists

The new invoice will be added to the Invoices List under the Invoices Module.

The customer’s Address Book will also be updated. The new invoice will be added to their Invoice list and the estimate status will be updated to Invoiced.