Create a Customer Profile

There are multiple ways to add a new customer into Industrack. Go first to Customer on the module header. If the header is grayed out, you do not have any access to the module. If it does not appear on the header, your company account does not have access to it.

Sync with Quickbooks

If you use the accounting software Quickbooks, you can sync in your customer information  directly into Quickbooks. You can also set it up in such a way that if a customer is added into Quickbooks, it is automatically downloaded into IndusTrack.

Manually Create a Customer Profile

Create a customer profile using the Add New function. You can access the Add a Customer page 2-ways. Click the Add New button or the More Actions one and select Add New Customer from the drop-down.

Add the new customer’s details into the Add a Customer page. The page has 2 tabs, the General and the Tax & Payment Terms.

General Tab

General Info

Add the customer’s name and the customer number, if you use one. For the customer name, this should be the name of the company unless the client is an individual.

Contact details

The Contact Details section is where you will add the data of the company’s contact person. This will be the person you will be communicating with in regards to their account. The phone, email and fax numbers refer to the contact person’s business contact information and not necessarily the company’s.


There are 2 types of addresses that have to be filled up, the Service and Billing addresses.

The Service Address is the one that will show up on your field employees’ IndusTruck mobile app when a job is scheduled for them for the customer. This is also the address where a virtual geofence will be drawn around for use on the GPS tracking devices to create the customer activity report and some entries in the daily activity report. If the customer has more than one service address, add the main company address here. You will be able to create additional locations for the customer when you manage the customer’s Address Book.

The Billing Address is the company’s physical business address where paper invoices or statements are sent to.

Fill in the service location details. This is the first set of address fields. Fields with * are required fields.

Validate the address.

The address will be located and shown on the map. Review and click OK.

The longitude and latitude will be automatically filled up once the address is validated.

If the billing address and the service address are the same, tick the checkbox for Billing address is the same as company address. The fields for the billing address will be disabled. You need not fill these up. But if the addresses are not the same, you will have to fill up the billing address fields.

Service Contract

Upload a copy of the service contract that you have with your customer in this section using the Choose File button.


If the customer has availed your membership program, select the applicable one from the Membership Level options.

Taxes & Payment Terms Tab

Tax Rate

Select the applicable tax rate for the customer. This will be automatically applied to all estimates and invoices for the customer.

Payment Term

Select the terms pf payment provided the customer. This will also be automatically applied to all estimates and invoices for the customer.

Default Discount

Put a Discount for the customer. This will also be automatically applied to all estimates and invoices for the customer.


Save the New Customer

Once you are done, do a quick run-through of the details and once done, click Save. If any of  the required fields have not been filled up, the Save button will not be enabled. You will have to fill up all the required fields before the profile can be saved.

The confirmation that the customer profile has been successfully created will come up at the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

The new customer will be added to your Address Books list. You can now go and manage the customer’s address book so other data can be added or updated.