Create a New Estimate

To create a new estimate, open the Adding New Estimation window. The window can be accessed via the customer’s address book or the estimate module.

Select the Customer and their Location

Scroll down the list of customers to find the customer. You can also use the search bar to quickly find the customer.

The customer location will automatically come up once the customer is selected. This is the location where the job will be performed. If the customer has more than one service location, select the correct one.

If you started creating the estimate from the customer’s Address Book, the customer name and location/locations will already be filled up. You do not need to search for the customer name. Select the correct service location if there is more than one.

Click the Proceed button at the bottom of the Adding New Estimation window.

The Estimate Page will come up. Fill in the details to create your estimate.

The Estimate Page

The page has 2 sections the information summary and the estimate details.

Information Summary

The information summary contains the customer information, the estimate description, and summary.

Use the Back button to go back to the estimate list. This will close the estimate you are working on and any unsaved information will be lost.

Click on the Actions button to select an estimate option. These options are discussed under the different articles under the Managing Estimates section.

Estimation Number

Enter the estimate series number on the Estimation Number Field.

You only need to do this if the estimate numbers are not set up to auto increment. Auto Increments are set up under the Company Settings.

If the estimate numbers are set to auto-increment, the Estimation Number field will not be visible on the estimate creation page. The number will be added after the estimate is saved.


Under General, the description field will be filled up by default. You can revise the description if you prefer a different one.

Bill To

The customer name and location are indicated under Bill To.

Use the Change Customer button to select a different customer or another service location.

If the icon is clicked, the Adding New Estimation window will come up below the Information Summary. Change the customer or the service location and click Proceed.

Service Location

The location where the job will be performed will be indicated here. This may or may not be the same as the customer’s address.

To change the Service Location, use the Change Customer button next to the customer name.

Estimation Summary

This is the summary of the dollar values of the estimate. These will be updated as you add the parts, services and labor hours, discounts and taxes to the estimate.

Estimate Details

Add the Parts and Services Details

Add the parts and services to the invoice. Items to be filled up in this section will depend on your Estimation Settings which are set up under Company Settings.

You can set your estimation to use your Inventory or PriceBook in adding items, services, labor or assemblies to your estimate. You can also set up to create an estimate for a job to be done in Phases. To learn more about how the estimation details are filled up using the different methods, go to the specific articles.

Estimation using Inventory

Create estimates using details from the current inventory list (parts/services/equipment, price, inventory). Your Inventory will have to be set up for this to work properly.

Estimation using Pricebook

Create estimates using details from the PriceBooks (parts/services/equipment, price). Your PriceBooks will have to be set up for this to work properly. Only the PriceBooks field will come up on your estimate.

Estimation using Inventory and PriceBooks

The Estimation using Inventory and PriceBooks can both be switched on at the same time at the Company Settings page.

When both settings are switched on, you can create estimates using details from Inventory and PriceBooks. Both your Inventory and PriceBooks will have to be set up for this to work properly. Both the PriceBooks and Parts & Services fields will come up on your estimate

Estimation using Multiple Phases and Inventory

If this setting is turned on, the estimate can be prepared in phases/parts. This setting can not be used on its own. The Estimation Using Inventory has to be switched on too. Pricebook estimation cannot be used with Estimation using Multiple Phases.

By default, the Parts & Service field will be displayed on the Estimate. This will be under the first phase. Under the phase, aside from the Parts & Service field, you can also set up the equipment, assets and labor that will be used for each phase, if applicable.

You will be adding the other phases as you go on.

Totals, Discounts, Taxes and Notes

After adding the estimate details, finish off the estimate by adding a discount and setting the tax, if applicable.

If necessary, apply a discount by clicking Add on the Discount field. Skip this if no discount will be applied.

On the Set Discount window, enter the value of the discount. Indicate if the entered value is a dollar amount or a percentage discount. Select this from the drop-down and Save the discount.

The discount will be added to the estimate.

To edit a discount, click on the value on the discount field.

The Set Discount window will come up. Change the values. To set the discount to 0 (zero), indicate 0 on the value field. Save the new discount.

Either add or revise the tax rate. Tax Rates are set up under Company Settings. The Tax Rate applicable for a specific customer is assigned when their profile is created under the Customer Module.

If no tax rate is set up (not added to the customer’s profile), click Add on the tax field. If this is already set up but you want to revise it, click the tax rate on the tax field.

You can create a new tax rate or choose from a list of existing tax rates from the drop-down. Save the tax rate once done.

If there are any notes that you need to add to the invoice, add these on the Notes for Customer field.

Save the New Estimate

Click the Save button to save the new estimate. The estimate will remain open and you can continue working on it. To save and exit the estimate and go to the Estimate Page click the Save and Close button.

The new estimate will be added to the estimate list.