Mobile Invoice

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Access Invoice page

To access the Invoice Page, Tap the three horizontal bars on the upper left and look for Invoices.

Create New Invoice

Here on the Invoice Page, you will see the list of invoices along with their status. To create a new one, click on the PLUS button at the top right.

Select the customer that you would like to make the invoice for. You can either use the Search field or select them manually from the list.

You have now started an empty invoice for that customer. Since there are no Items in the invoice yet, click Add Item.

Now that you have added all of the items you need, you have the options to apply a Discount or add Tax to the invoice. You can also add Notes to the invoice if you need them.

Discount Page

Inside the Discount Page, you can set the amount as well as choose if the discount will be a Dollar discount or a Percent Discount. Once done, hit the Check button on the upper right corner.

You can also disable the discount by tapping to the check box next to it.

Tax Rates Page

When you get to the Tax Rates Page, select one from the pre-configured list of tax rates that are available.

Save Invoice

Now that you have completed the invoice, review it to make sure it is correct and then press Save in the upper right hand corner.

Edit Invoice

After saving the invoice, you will be brought to the Preview Page of the invoice you just created. You can find the Edit button in the upper right corner. Tap the pencil icon to edit the invoice.

Inside the Edit Invoice Page, you can change the discount, tax and even add additional items. This page has the same features that the add invoice page did. Tap on Check icon to finalize the changes you have made to the invoice.

Invoice Signature

Back into the Preview Page, tap the Sign button located at the lower part of the page.

Signature Page

Here is where you can have the customer put their signature. Tap Clear if they need to remove the signature. Hit Save to finalize the signature.

Invoice Payment

On the Preview Page, Tap the Green Pay button on the upper middle part of the page. It will take you to the Payment Page.

Inside the Payment Info Page, select the Payment Type such as Credit Card, Cash or Check and fill out all the other fields that are required.

Inside the Payment Info Page, select the Payment Type and fill out all the other fields that are required. Tap the Pay button on the bottom part of the page.

Mail Invoice

To send the selected invoice to customer’s email, go back to the Preview Page and Tap on Mail located at the upper right corner. It will open the option for you to send it using your email on the bottom part of the page.