Customer’s Address Book: Estimates

Under the Estimate tab of the Address Book. you will find the listing of all the Estimates that have been prepared for the customer.

Search for a specific estimate by using the Search box. You can do a search using the Estimate number, service location, or estimate value.

Filter the listing according to the Estimate status.

You can also select the estimate dates or periods that you want to view.

Aside from the customer details, the list includes the estimate number, the date when this was created and who prepared it, the total value, and its status. The status may either be draft (prepared but has not been forwarded to the customer) sent, won, lost, scheduled, or invoiced.

You can also access the job or invoice, if converted from an estimate, from here.

Go to the Estimates module for a detailed discussion of the Estimates. The process is the same whether the feature is accessed from the customer’s address book or the Estimate module.

At the client’s dashboard, at the top of the page, you’ll see the dollar values of estimates that are still pending – or those that have not been acted upon by the customer.

From here, you can also manage their estimates. This includes marking the estimate as Won or Lost, edit or delete, save, send and print. The estimate for the customer can also be converted into a job or an invoice from this tab. This can be done by clicking the 3-dot menu to the right of the estimate or the More Actions button for bulk updates.

Create an Estimate

Create a new estimate for the customer from here. Click the Add New button.

The Adding New Estimation window will come up. The page will also move to the Estimates Module.

Since the estimate is being prepared from the customer’s page, the customer’s name and location will already be given. If there is more than one service location, select the correct one.

At the upper left-hand corner of the window, select Create New Estimate.

Click Proceed and complete the estimate.

Edit an Estimate from the Customer’s Address Book

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