Customer’s Address Book: Jobs

Under the Jobs tab of the Address Book, you will find a listing of all the Jobs that have been scheduled for the customer.

Search for a specific job by using the Search box. You can search for the field employee assigned to the job.

You can also select the job schedule dates or periods that you want to view.

Aside from the customer details, the list includes the date and time when the job was created, the field employee assigned and the task details. The job status is also reflected in the listing. This may either be not started, started, paused, complete or declined.

Schedule a New Job for the Customer

You can also schedule a new job for the customer from here. Click the Add New button.

The Schedule Module will open and the Adding New Job window will come up. Since the job is being prepared from the customer’s page, the customer name and location will already be given. If there is more than one service location, select the correct one. Schedule the job.

Manage the Scheduled Jobs

From here, you can also access the jobs that have been created for the customer. From the list, find the specific job and click on it.

The Schedule module will open and the Job Edit page will come up. You can now review and/or update the job.

Convert a Job

You can also convert the job to an Invoice. Click on the 3 dot at the right side of the job and choose Convert to Invoice.

The Invoice Edit window will open. You can update and manage the invoice from here. Save the Invoice.

The saved invoice will open in the Invoice Module when it is saved. The new invoice will be added to the Invoice list.

The new invoice will also be added to the Customer’s Address Book, Invoices tab.

The Jobs listing will also be updated.

If you want to view the Invoice for a specific job, you can also do that from here. Click on View Invoice to the right of the Job.

The Invoice Edit window will come up.

Go to the Schedule module for the detailed discussion of Jobs. The process is the same whether the feature is accessed from the customer’s address book or the Schedule module.