Customer’s Address Book: Location

Go to the Location tab of the Customer’s Address Book. Here you will find a listing of all of the customer’s service locations. The billing address (if different from the service address) is not listed here. If you want to add the billing address as a service location too, you will have to add it as one.

The location details that are shown on the listing are the location name, contact’s name, service location, contact’s phone number, and email. You can sort the list according to the location’s name, contact name or service location. Just click on the table header to sort the list alphabetically according to the selected header.

To add another service location for the customer, click on Add New.

The Add New Service Location page will come up. Fill in the details. Fields with * are required.

Once done, validate the address.

The Latitude and Longitude will autofill. Save the new service location.

The new service location will be added to the list.

Use the 3-dot menu to the right of the service location to edit or delete this.