Customer’s Address Book: Notes

Under the Notes Tab of the Customer’s Address Book, you can make notes about communications with the customer or any other notes you need to make about the account.

You can also create site notes. These are notes that field employees can see in the IndusTrack mobile app for every job scheduled for the customer. These can be very useful if there are things like gate codes to access the property or parking area assignments.

On the Notes List will be the notes created about the customer and the jobs created for them. There will be Office Only and Job Notes. You can filter the Notes List to show only either the External or Internal Notes.

The Job Notes include Site Notes and any notes added to specific jobs created for the customer. These notes are visible to the field employees. This also includes notes that were created without being tagged as either Office Only Notes or Job Notes.

The Office Only Notes include notes created under this tab and marked as “Internal Note.” These notes are not visible to the field employees.

Create a Note

To create a note, click the Add New button.

The Add New Note window will come up.

Add the note on the Note Text field.

On the Assign note to a Service Location field, select the customer location where the note will apply if there is more than one. It will automatically set the note for the customer’s primary service location.

To make this a site note, tick the Customer Note. Only one Customer Note can be created for the client. Creating another site note will put the old site note into an office note.

To make this an internal note, untick the Customer Note checkbox.

Save the note. This will be added to the list.

To manage a note, click the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of the screen and select either edit or delete.