Customer’s Address Book: Reminders

In the Reminders Tab of the Customer’s Address Book, set up reminders for an office user to take action on. When the due date arrives, the reminder will appear in the notifications for that user.

The Reminders List will contain different reminders that have been created.

Create a Reminder

To create a new reminder, click the Add New button.

The Add New Reminder window will come up.

Fill in the details. Fields with * are required.

Add the reminder name (subject) and due date or when it should be done. Give a brief description of the reminder on the Details Field.

On the Assigned to Location field, select the customer location where the reminder will apply if there is more than one. Selecting Not Selected will automatically set the reminder for the customer’s primary service location.

Assign to Office User, select which office user will receive the notification and assign to. Checking the Show in pop-up will create a pop-up notification window.

Save the reminder.

The reminder will be added to the listing with a pending status. Once the due date arrives, the notification will be sent to the user. This will appear on the notifications icon.

To manage a reminder entry click the 3-dot menu to the right and select either edit or delete. You can also mark the reminder as complete from here. For a more detailed discussion on managing reminders, go to the Reminders & Notifications article on the Getting Started Module.