Customer’s Address Book: Reminders

In the Reminders Tab of the Customer’s Address Book, set up reminders or a to-do list for an office user to take action on. After creating one, the reminder will appear in the Reminders and Notifications List. If enabled this will also appear on the user’s notifications pop-up. There is also an option for the client to receive an email informing them of the reminder.

The reminders in the client’s Address Books are specific for the client only. The settings too are reminder specific so you could set these differently for each.

The Reminders List contains a listing of all the different reminders that have been created for the client’s account.

The details that are shown on the listing are:

  • The reminder creation and due dates
  • The subject of the reminder
  • The details of the reminder
  • The Service Location where the reminder applies to
  • The reminder status

Click on the table header to Sort the list alphabetically according to the selected header.

Use the Filter Bar to quickly find a reminder.

Use the date pickers to select a group of reminders based on a range of dates.

Use the Clear Filter button to remove the filter settings.

Select the number of reminders to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 10, 25, 50, and 100. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one page to another (if there is more than one page). 

Use the Add New button to create a reminder.

Create a Reminder

To create a new reminder, click the Add New button.

The Add New Reminder window will come up.

Fill in the details. Fields with * are required.

Key in the reminder name (Subject*) on the field.

Using the date picker, add the reminder expiration. Be more specific by adding a time element.

Enable the reminder to show up on the assigned Office Staff’s reminders list when this becomes due. To enable, tick the check box for Show in Pop-up.

Key in the reminder specifics in the Details Field.

On the Assigned to Location field, select the customer location where the reminder will apply if there is more than one. Leaving the field Not Selected will automatically set the reminder for the customer’s primary service location.

If the reminder applies to both locations, create 2 reminders – one for each location for proper monitoring and notification.

Select to which office user(s) the reminder is assigned. Selected user(s) will receive the notification.

Tick the check box of Notify Customer to send an email to your client at the same time that the office user gets it. Select which of the Customer Emails on the system the reminder notification will be sent to.

Save the reminder.

The reminder will be added to the listing with a pending status. A notification will also be sent to the assigned Office User. This will appear on their notifications icon and Reminders and Notifications List.

Complete a Reminder

Once the due date arrives, the Reminder status on the client’s Address Book will auto-update to Overdue. It will stay this way until the reminder status is updated to Complete or Postponed. This can be done from the Reminders & Notifications page.

The reminder can also be Completed from the client’s Address Book.

Open the Address Book in edit mode and go to the Reminders tab.

Find the reminder to be updated. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Mark as Complete.

The reminder’s status will be updated to Complete. The reminder will also be removed from the Reminders and Notifications List.

Mark the Reminder as Incomplete

Find the Reminder to be updated from the Reminders List. Only reminders with a status of Complete can be marked as incomplete. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Mark as Incomplete.

The reminder’s status will be updated to Overdue. This will again be added to the Reminders and Notifications List.

Edit the Reminder

Find the Reminder to be updated from the Reminders List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Edit.

Update the reminder as needed. Save once done.

Delete a Reminder

Delete a Customer’s Reminder that is no longer being used or was created in error. It is wise to exercise caution when using this function. Deleting a client’s Reminder record may have an effect on other functions, settings or data. This action can not be undone.

Find the Reminder to be deleted from the Reminders List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Delete.

From the Delete Confirmation window that will come up, select OK to continue with the deletion. Select Cancel to abandon the action.

The Reminder will be removed from the list.