Duplicate an Estimate

Another way to create an estimate is to duplicate an existing estimate to create a new one with similar content. This is especially useful if the estimate you will be creating is going to be the same as a previously created one but intended for a different customer or a service location.

Copy an Estimate

Find the estimate to be duplicated from the estimate list and click to open.

Go to the Actions button and select Copy from the drop-down list.

The copy of the estimate will open. If the estimate number is set to auto-increment, the copy will be assigned the next number. If not set to auto-increment, you will have to add the estimate number.

Update the Contents of the Duplicate Estimate

Update the details as may be necessary. For example, change the customer or service location or update the parts and services or other sections of the estimate. Updating the estimate will depend on the estimation used when the original estimate was created. Refer to the articles on creating and managing estimates for the details on adding or updating estimate details.

Save the New Estimate

Click the Save button to save the new estimate. The estimate will remain open and you can continue working on it. To save and exit the estimate and go to the estimate page click the Save and Close button.

The new estimate will be created and added to the list. The estimate will now have a Draft status.