Email Integration

OneTrack can be integrated into different email platforms. Connect OneTrack to your company email to be able to send emails from your own company address.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Emails to setup the connection in OneTrack.



The first option is for integration is GOOGLE or Gmail.

  • Click GOOGLE and a login window will pop out. Before putting in your credentials, “Allow less secure apps” must be turned “ON“. Click “here” as shown below.

  • Slide or press the slide bar to turn it ON.

  • After turning ON, go back to Onetrack and put in your GOOGLE account and SAVE



Second Option is to integrate OneTrack to Office 365 email.

  • Click on OFFICE 365 and put in you login credentials and SAVE.


Other IMAP/SMTP Connection

OneTrack can also be integrated with your IMAP and SMTP.  Complete the process by putting you Username, Password, Host, Port and Protocol.