Email Integration

OneTrack can be integrated into different email platforms. Connect OneTrack to your company email to be able to send emails from your own company address.

Go to Settings > Integrations > Emails to setup the connection in OneTrack.



The first option for integration is GOOGLE or Gmail.

  • Click GOOGLE and a login window will pop out. Before putting in your credentials, “Allow less secure apps” must be turned “ON“. Click “here” as shown below.

  • Slide or press the slide bar to turn it ON.

  • After turning ON, go back to Onetrack and put in your GOOGLE account and SAVE



The second option is to integrate OneTrack into Office 365 email.


You need to have ADMIN access in order to integrate office 365 email with Industrack, please follow the following instructions below:

    1. Login to
    2. In the upper left corner, click on the app launcher
    3. On the App Launcher, select Admin.
    4. After clicking on Admin, it will redirect you into Microsoft 365 admin center.
    5. Click on the pancake bar.
    6. After clicking on the pancake bar, under Admin Centers select Azure Active Directory
    7. It will then direct you to Azure Active Directory Admin Center, and select Azure Active Directory.
    8. Select App Registrations
    9. Click on the Add New Registration
    10. Register application, under the name you can give it any name Example: Industrack. You don’t need to change anything in here. After giving it a name select Register.
    11. Once registered, you should be able to see Industrack under the All Applications Tab. Click the registered Industrack App.
    12. After clicking on the registered app, it will open up Industrack app information. Click on Authentication on the left-hand side.
    13. On the Authentication page, scroll down to the bottom and make sure Allow Public Client flows is enabled and click SAVE.
    14. After everything is set up, go back to Overview which is in the left-hand side panel.
    15. Copy the Application Client ID, so that you can paste it into Industrack email integration settings.
    16. Paste Application Client ID to Industrack client id.
    17. Copy Directory Tenant ID in office 365 and paste it to Industrack email integration settings.

18. Paste tenant id from office 365 to Industrack.

19. Enter your office365 email credential and click on Save.

20. Your office 365 should be integrated into Industrack after that. You will be able to start sending invoices and estimates.

Other IMAP/SMTP Connection

OneTrack can also be integrated with your IMAP and SMTP.  Complete the process by putting your Username, Password, Host, Port, and Protocol. When establishing an email integration with a yahoo email address, the best practice is to set up the STMP configuration using port 465 and Protocol SSL/TLS. If you use port 587 and Protocol STARTTLS, emails from Industrack will go into the junk folder.  On IMAP Connection, you need to use port 993 and protocol SSL/TLS.