Estimation using Inventory

When the Estimation Using Inventory is switched on at the Company Settings, you will be creating estimates using details from the current inventory list (parts/services/equipment/assemblies) including prices. Your Inventory will have to be set up for this to work properly.

Only the Parts & Service field will come up on your estimate.

To fill up the inventory block, click on the parts and service search bar and find the item, the service or labor hours you want from the list and click on it. You can also search by typing in the name or number/code of the item, labor or service.

Click to select the item. If the item is available both in your inventory list and in your warehouses, the Select Warehouse window will come up. Select where the item will be released from – the main inventory or your warehouse.

The other fields will auto-fill depending on your selection.

Once you have selected the item that you want, set the quantity by clicking the arrows on the QTY field or by highlighting the number and typing in the desired quantity. The Total Cost and Total Price fields will auto-compute.

The unit cost, profit and unit price can also be edited. To remove the item from the list, click the X button at the far right of the item.

If you don’t want the line item to appear on your estimate, toggle the Hide switch to on (green).

Repeat these steps for each item you want to add to the estimate.

As you add items to your estimate, the Subtotal fields and the Estimation Summary will auto-calculate.

Once done, you can then proceed to add/set up the discount and taxes and complete the estimate.

This Estimation using Inventory can be used simultaneously with either the PriceBook or Multiple Phases estimation setups.