Mobile Estimates

How to access Estimates

To Access the Mobile estimates section, click the three horizontal bars on the upper left and select Estimates.

Adding Estimates

Once you get to the Estimates Page, you will find a list of all the available estimates and their status. To add new estimates, tap on the New Estimate.

Upon getting to the Create New Estimates Page, you will need to fill out the Estimate Description. There will be no items yet, so you need to tap on the Add Item on the upper left.

You can also set the Discount or how much Tax  it will be included by tapping the blue digits on the right side.It will be included in the computation for the Total

Once the Item has been added, it will be displayed on the Create New Estimate Page. You can also add notes on the bottom part of the page.If you have nothing more to add, hit Save on the upper right corner.

Discount Page

Inside the Discount Page, you can set the amount as well as choose a Dollar discount or Percent Discount. Once done, hit the Save button on the upper left corner.

Tax Rates Page

When you get to the Tax Rates Page, select one from the pre-configured list of tax that are available.

Edit Estimates

To edit Estimates, you need to go back to the Estimate Page, select the Estimate that you want to edit. It will take you to the Preview Page. Tap in to the Edit  button in the upper right corner.

This is the Edit Estimate Page. The page looks very similar to the Create New Estimates. The only difference is that Edit Estimate is visible on the top.

In this image, you will see that we have added discount and tax, thus changing the Total. Hit Save once you are done and the selected Estimate will be updated.

Estimate Signature

Back into the Preview Page of the selected Estimate, you will find the Sign button below. Tap it to get to the Sign Page.

Here is where you can have the customer put his signature. Tap Clear if they need to remove the signature. Hit Save to finalize the signature.

Sending Estimates to Email

Back to the Preview Page of the selected Estimate, Tap on the Mail button on the upper right and an option to Share with email will show on the bottom. Select the email and select Just once or Always to send the Estimate.