Inventory List

To set up your inventory list go to Settings > Inventory > Inventory List.

The Inventory List page defaults to the Inventory List table.  Information about inventory, non-inventory, service, and assembly items are shown in this table.

  • Search Bar 
    • Key in the information you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the table.
    • You can search for the item name and SKU, specific list type, sales price, cost and quantity on hand.
  • Actions button
    • Use this button to add or create new inventory, non-inventory, services, and assemblies. 
    • The Add Equipment window is also accessible through this button although the items are found under the Equipment table. 
    • Item records are also deleted using this button.
  • The Inventory List has 8 columns. 
    • Name
    • SKU – assigned product code
    • Type – refers to either inventory, non-inventory, service, or assembly (bundle)
    • Sales Description – brief information about the product
    • Sales Price – selling price of a single unit of an item or a single instance of a service
    • Cost – acquisition price of a single unit of an inventory item. A non-inventory item, service, or assembly does not have a cost in this list
    • Qty on Hand – current stocks on hand. Only inventory items have this information. 
      • The initial quantity on hand entered in the inventory item set up will be reflected at the start. Any inventory item used/invoiced will be automatically deducted from the quantity on hand.
  • Sort the inventory list
    • Click on the column header to sort the inventory list according to the selected category.
  • List Per Page 
    • Select the number of items to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, 50
    • Use the arrow buttons to move from one page to another.