Field Employees

Field Employees are given access to different modules so that they may use the Mobile App while doing their jobs on the field.

To access the Field Employees setup page, click the Profile icon from the main page and select Settings. From the left navigation of the Settings page, click on Field Employees. This will expand to the 2 sections: Manage Employees and Manage Groups.

Under Manage Employees will be setting up and managing individual field employees, including their permissions and, for some users, supervisor permissions.  To set up different field employee groups and assign individual employees to these groups go to Manage Groups.

Manage Field Employees

At the top of the Field Employees page is the summary of Mobile App licenses owned and those still available for use:

    • TotalThis represents the number of your Mobile App licenses
    • AvailableThis represents the number of Mobile App licenses that have not been assigned.

Using the Field Employees Table

There are 2 Field Employee Tables – the Active Users table and the Inactive Users (Deactivated) table.

    • Search Bar 
      • Key in the information you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the Field Employees table
      • You can search for the employee’s ID number, first name or last name 
      • This search field is enabled for both Field Employees tables 
    • Clear Filter Button
      • Click this button to reset the table to its original format (remove the searched names)
      • The clear filter button is enabled for both Field Employees tables
    • Actions button
      • Use this button to:
        • Create a new field employee
        • Deactivate multiple users
        • Go to the Inactive Field Employees table
          • Select View Inactive from the Actions drop-down
        • From the Inactive Field Employees table, go back to the Active Field Employees table 
          • Select View Active from the Actions drop-down.
        • The actions button is enabled for both Field Employees tables
    • The Field Employees (Active and Inactive) table has 9 columns:
      • Employee ID
      • First Name 
      • Last Name
      • Cell Phone
      • Email
      • Position
      • Department 
      • Mobile App License – refers to the status of a mobile app license or the lack of it
      • Action button – used to Edit or Deactivate or Activate a Field Employee profile. 
    • Sort the Field Employees list
      • Click on the column header to sort the list according to the preferred field (Employee ID, first name, last name and others.