Markups and Membership Discounts

The markups and discounts set up here will have an effect on PriceBook assemblies only. Both the MarkUps and Subscription Levels are applied at the Customer Module.

To access the Markups and Membership Level Discount page, go to Settings > PriceBooks > Markups.

Set-Up Markups

Assemblies are created with regular prices. Create standard and premium versions of the assembly. Standardize the price computation by setting up the mark-up rates.

Markups are the percentages above the normal or regular price for items.

1. Add your preferred mark up values (in percentage) into the Standard and Premium markup fields.

2. Save the markups.

Set-Up Membership Discounts

Membership Level Discounts are discount percentages based on the subscription level the customer is enrolled in.

1. Add the preferred member discounts (in percentage) into the platinum, gold and silver membership level fields. 

2. Save member discounts.

If the markups and membership discounts are not set up, the flat rate or regular price will be reflected for all membership levels, standard and premium rates.