Mobile Estimates/Jobs Convert to Invoice

Converting Estimates to Invoice

Before you can do any conversion, access the Estimates Page by tapping the three horizontal bar Icon on the upper left of the IndusTrack default page. Look for Estimates.

When you get to the Estimate page, tap and hold the estimate if you are using Android, swipe left on the estimate if you are using an iPhone.

You will notice that the status has changed into Invoiced after tapping into Create Invoice.

Go to Invoices by tapping into the three horizontal bars on the upper left. Look for Invoices.

You will notice that the Estimate that we have converted to invoice is now on the list of invoices.

The new invoice can now be edited, sent to email, signed and etc.

Converting Job to Invoice

You need to access Job through the settings dashboard by clicking the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner of the current page.

Once you get to the Jobs Page, look for a job on the list. Make sure that it has a COMPLETED status, it basically means that the Job has been done. Tap and hold the Job and a button with a black background will appear on top. Click the Convert To Invoice.

The invoice that we have created is now listed on the Invoices list. It can be edited, sent to email, signed etc.

The preview of the invoice will appear. On this part you can have the customer SIGN the invoice, by tapping Sign at the bottom of your device.

You can also EDIT the invoice by tapping the pencil icon at the top right your screen.

The invoice can also be sent through email by tapping to the Mail icon next to the edit icon. A copy of the invoice will be sent in PDF format.


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