Mobile Maps

Mobile Maps

This module allows users to track vehicle or employees using GPS.

Access Map

To access the Map, look for a three bar icon on the upper left. After tapping, you will see the dashboard. Look for Map.

Map Default Page

On the Map Default Page, you fill find the List of the vehicles You can also navigate through other tabs on the bottom such as Map, History and Alerts.

The Vehicle Icon’s color will tell you it’s current status. If it is Green means the vehicle is in route, Blue means the vehicle is Idling, Red means the vehicle has stopped with the ignition off.

On the right side of the Vehicle Icon, it will show you how long the vehicle has been on that state. If the Vehicle icon is orange, it’s either there is no device assigned to the vehicle or there is something wrong with the device and you need to contact support.

Map Tab

You can access the Map Page by tapping the Map Tab on the bottom side of the app.

It will show you the actual location of the  vehicles that are listed on the List.

You can swipe two fingers together to zoom in and two fingers apart to zoom out.

Vehicle Information

If you tap into the vehicle icon inside the Map, it will show you the information about the vehicle such as Employee Name, Address where it went, Arrival Time, Speed and where it is heading.

Visual History of Vehicle

To view a route history of a vehicle, tap on the vehicle then you tap into the History Tab, it will show you the route where the vehicle took. It will also show multiple blue arrow markers along the route where the vehicle turned off its ignition or while it was on idle longer than the idle time that you have set.

You can also tap into one or multiple arrows to get information such as Vehicle Number, Time, Speed and Direction.

To clear the opened vehicle trail off the screen, tap on the Clear button on the upper right corner.

View Safety Alerts

For you to view all the safety alerts from the vehicles, tap the Alerts button on the lower right corner of the app. It will show you all the alerts that are set into the IndusTrack Web such as over speeding, vehicles takes a sharp turn and etc.