Mobile Timesheet

Setting Timesheet as Default Home Page

Timesheet is the default page of the Industrack Mobile App, but in case it is not. Click the three bar Icon on the upper left corner and select Timesheet.

Tap on settings and it will open up the settings page.

Inside the settings page, please make sure that the timesheet is selected on the Default Screen.

Prerequisites for Timesheet

You need to start your shift by tapping the Start Shift button.

Click on the [Job Number] Customer: Address field to select from the list of Jobs.

You can also click on the Search icon so you can search using the customer name. The Nearest Job site from your location will be listed on the top.

Clicking the Cost Code will show the list of Codes that you may need. If necessary, select one.
Hit Start Job if you are ready.

If the Company provides barcodes on Work Orders for the customers, you can use the Scan Icon to scan the barcode and the job will automatically start.

Start Break

If you need to take a break, tap on the Start Break button

End Shift or Break

While you are currently on break, the End Break button is visible. If you are ready to get back to work, just tap on End Break. You can also tap on End Shift if you are done for the day.

If you need to make notes, tap on the Notes Icon.

It will show you the notes pop-up, type your notes and hit Ok.

Always make sure you sync so that the data will be sent to the office and you get paid accordingly.

View Timesheet

To view timesheet, tap on the View Timesheet button and it will take you to the timesheet page.

On the View Timesheet Page, you are allowed to add, delete or edit depending on the access provided to you by the admin. 
Once you have finalized everything, hit Submit.