Customer Notification Email Template

An email template has been created for each of the available customer notifications. Update the templates to brand them or simply change the content.

To update the templates go to Settings > Customers > Notifications. All the available customer notifications can be accessed through the Notifications page.

Edit the Notification Email Template

  1. Click on the notification to be updated to open the details.

  2. The Email Template for the event will come up.

  3. Edit the details:
  4. Update the template.

Add a Dynamic Field

Dynamic fields are the double bracketed items on the email subject or body. When the notification is sent, these dynamic fields will automatically pull information based on the other areas of IndusTrack.

  1. Place the cursor where the information will be inserted.

  2. Select and click on the dynamic field button to be added.

  3. The dynamic field will be inserted into where the cursor is set.