Print an Invoice

Other than the Invoice Module, you can also print invoices from the customer’s Address Book on the Customer Module.

Customer’s Address Book

From the Customer’s Address Book, go to the Invoices Tab.

From the Invoices List, find the specific invoice to be printed. Click on the 3-dot menu and select Print.

Invoices Module

From the Invoices List, find the specific invoice to be printed. Click on the 3-dot menu and select Print.

Print the Invoice

The Print window will come up.

Set up the Printer Settings

Destination – select the printer to be used. Other options available are to save a copy of the invoice either in PDF format or in Google Drive.

Pages – select the pages to be printed. You have the option of selecting All or Custom.

If Custom is selected, you have to indicate the page numbers to be printed. The system will be able to detect if the selected page number does not exist.

Copies – Select the number of copies to be printed. If more than 1 copy is selected, the Collate check box will come up. Check or uncheck the option, according to your preference.

Color – select either Black and White or Color.

Expand the More Settings chevron to access other print options. The preview pane to the left of the print window will show how the page will look like depending on your selection. This will help you decide which option combinations to select.

Paper Size – Select from the list of different paper sizes. Default is Letter but you can always select a different one.

Click on the paper size to see a preview of the page when the option is selected.

Pages per sheet – select from the options the number of invoices to be printed per sheet. This works best if printing multiple invoices and the correct paper size is selected. Use the preview pane to get an idea of how the printed page will look like.

Scale – this is set to the default option. The system will automatically adjust the scale settings depending on the selected options.

Selecting the Custom option will allow you to set up the scale size yourself.

Tick the checkbox for Print on both sides if you want to utilize both sides of the paper.  If the option is ticked, select if you want to flip on the long or short edge.

Once you are finished with the setup, Print the invoice.