Send the Invoice

Aside from the Invoice Module, you can also start sending invoices from the customer’s Address Book on the Customer Module, the Schedule Module via the Completed Jobs Report and the Estimates Module through the Invoiced Estimates.

To send the invoice from the Invoices list, click the 3-dot menu to the right. From the drop-down, select Send.

You can also send from the open invoice. From the Actions button, select Send to Email.

After clicking Send Invoice, the Email Invoice window will come up.

The customer’s email will already be indicated in the recipient’s field. This is the contact email that has been added to the customer’s Profile. You can add more email addresses if you want to.

The Subject and Body fields will already be pre-filled. If you want to edit the contents, you can do so.

The contents that auto-populate the Subject and Body fields are from the Invoice email template. The template is set up under the Templates Settings page.

Tick the checkbox for Include Invoice body to email if you want the invoice to appear on the email body. Leave unchecked if not preferred.

Tick the checkbox for Attach images and form from job(s) if you want the attachments and forms from the job, if any, to be added to the email.

Send the invoice.

The message and the invoice will be sent to the customer’s email.