Set-up and Manage Field Employee Groups

Field employees can be grouped into teams. Decide on how you would like them to be grouped – by schedule, by specialty, by area or whatever you decide. Create the teams and assign the group supervisor and the field employees.

To access the Field Employee Groups setup page, click the Profile icon at the main page and select Settings. From the left navigation of the Settings page, click on Field Employees. This will expand to the 2 sections: Manage Employees and Manage Groups.

Go to Manage Groups to set up different field employee groups and assign individual employees to these groups.  To set up individual field employees, including their permissions and for some, a supervisor position, go to Manage Employees

Using the Field Employee Groups Table

    • Search Bar 
      • Key in the group name or the supervisor’s name that you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the Field Employee Groups table.
    • Clear Filter Button
      • Click this button to reset the table to its original format (remove the searched names)
    • + Add New Button
      • Use this button to create new groups.
    • The Field Employee Groups table has 4 columns
      • Field Employee Groups Name
      • Supervisor – reflects the field employee assigned as Group Supervisor
      • Drivers/Crews – reflects the number of field employees assigned to the group
      • Actions button – used to Edit or Delete Groups
    • Sort the Field Employees Groups list
      • Click on the column header to sort the list according to the preferred field (group name, supervisor’s name or number of assigned field employees. 

Create Field Employee Groups

  1. Click the + Add New button at the upper right-hand corner of the Field Employee Groups table.
  2. From the Add Field Employee Group window, key in the Group Name
  3. Select the name of the Field Employee to be assigned as the Group Supervisor. 
    • Note that the Field Employees on the list are the ones whose profiles were set up with Supervisor Access.
    • The Supervisor can also be added as a team member.

  4. Assign field employees to the group
  5. Click the Save button. This will add the new Group to the list of Field Employee Groups.

Update a Field Employee Group

  1. Find the group name from the list and click the 3-dot menu to the right.
  2. Select Edit
  3. Update the group information or list of assigned employees from the Edit Field Employee Groups window.
  4. Save the changes.

Delete a Field Employee Group

  1. Find the group name from the list and click the 3-dot menu to the right.
  2. Select Delete.
  3. A warning window will come up. Click the OK button to continue with the delete and Cancel to abandon the action.
  4. The group’s name will be removed from the list of field employee groups.