Set-up and Manage Vehicle Maintenance and Service Log

Create a Vehicle Maintenance Log

    1. From the Log Maintenance tab, click the + Add Log button.
    2. Fill in the fields from the Log Vehicle Maintenance window.
    3. Click the Save button to record the service. This will be added to the Maintenance Log table.

Fill in the Fields of the Log


  1. Vehicle ID/Name*
    • Select the specific vehicle that the maintenance was performed on.
    • Use the search bar to find the vehicle, using either the Vehicle name or ID number.
  2. Service Type*
    • Select the service performed from the drop-down list.
    • If the service is not on the list, type this on the field. When the log is saved, the service will also be saved and added to the list for future logs.
  3. Service Description
    • Key in relevant notes about the performed service. For example, why this was performed (especially if it was not pre-scheduled) or if the cost was covered by vehicle insurance, etc.
    • If supplies were included in the cost, indicate details in this section. For example, 3L of transmission oil.
  4. Cost
    • Key in the total cost on the invoice or invoices.
  5. Date of Service*
    • Enter the date when the maintenance was performed on the field using this format MM/DD/YY.
    • Alternatively, click the calendar icon and select the date.
  6. Maintenance Type
    • Click the radio button of the corresponding type – whether the maintenance event was a scheduled or unscheduled one.

Vehicle Info

  1. Key in the Odometer and Engine Hours of the vehicle at the time of service on the corresponding fields.

Additional Info

Using the maintenance service invoice or receipt, fill in the additional information fields.

  1. Invoice Number
  2. Vendor
  3. Facility/Service Station or location

Update the Maintenance Log

  1. From the Maintenance Log list, select the event log to be edited. Click anywhere on the row to open the Edit Schedule Maintenance window.
  2. Update the necessary vehicle maintenance log information.
  3. Save the changes.

Delete the Maintenance Log

  1. From the Maintenance Log list, tick the checkbox to the left of the event to be deleted.
    • To delete multiple logs, tick mark all selected logs from the table.  
  2. Click the Delete button. The maintenance log will be removed from the list.