Set Up Auto Incrementing and Starting Numbers

When you create invoices, estimates, purchase orders, and jobs it is important that these are sequentially numbered. These numbers ensure proper tracking and documentation for tax and accounting purposes.

The number sequences are set up in this section. If you do not  set this up, you will have to enter a number manually on each item or they will be unnumbered. 

How to Set up the Numbering Sequence

The Starting Number set up is under the Advanced tab of the General Settings.

  1. Select the option to be set (job, invoice, estimate or purchase order).
  2. Tick the checkbox for Auto Increment. This will enable the starting number field.
  3. Key in the starting number.
    • Ordinarily, the sequence is started at 1. But if you already have existing invoices (for example) and you want to continue the numbering pattern, you can use the next number in the series.
  4. Repeat the same process for the other 3 options.
  5. Save the setup.