Set-up Field Employees Profiles and Permissions

To create a field employee profile, go to Settings > Field Employees > Manage Employees

Create a Field Employee

A. General Information and Employee’s Contact Details

  1. Click the + Add New button at the upper right-hand corner of the Field Employees table.
  2. From the Add Field Employee window, go to the Basic tab and fill in the fields. Fields with (*) are required. As much as possible, provide complete details. 
    • General
      • Field Employee ID*
        • Key in a numeric ID number to be assigned to the field employee.
      • First Name*
      • Last Name*
      • Assign Vehicle
        • Select the vehicle from the drop-down menu. The vehicles are set up under the Vehicle Tracking settings.
    • Contact Details
      • Mobile Phone
      • Mobile Provider
      • Work Phone

                         *These must be filled out for the field employee to receive text notifications

B. Assign Mobile License

  1. Fill in the details of the Mobile App Login Credentials section.
    •  User ID (Email)*
    • Password*
  2. Tick the checkbox of the Mobile App License to assign one of the available licenses to the Field Employee. You need to have an available Mobile App License to be able to assign one.
  3. Tick the Send login credential and app download link checkbox, if preferred.

C. Set up Supervisor Access

  1. Tick the Allow Supervisor Access if the user will be assigned as a supervisor. This is required so that a Field Employee group or team may be assigned to the supervisor user. 

D. Assign Module and Customer Permissions

  1. Enable the permissions for the mobile modules that the user will be able to access. Access is limited to View or No Access.
    • Tick the checkbox for All to enable view access for all modules.
    • Untick all the checkboxes to provide No Access to all modules.
    • Select and tick the checkboxes of the modules to be given access to.
  2. Enable the customer details that the employee will be able to access and work on.
    • Select from the drop-down list of customers.

E. Add Additional Details to the Field Employee’s Profile

  1. Go to the Advanced tab of the Add Field Employee window.
  2. Fill in the details of the following fields:
    • Assign Position
    • Assign Department
    • Rate per Hour
    • Driver skill Level
    • Driving License Renewal
    • Medical Card Renewal
  3. Optionally, upload an image or photo. You can upload a photo of the field employee or his ID or Driver’s license.
    • Click the Choose File button.
    • Select and upload the image.

F. Save the New Office User

  1. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Add Field Employee window to create the new User. The user will be added to the Field Employees list.