Task Templates

Task templates are useful in situations wherein you have standard tasks that are done in many jobs. Load the saved templates so that you do not have to enter the same information over and over again.

To create templates for the tasks, go to Settings > Scheduling > Task Templates.

Create a Task Template

  1. Click Actions and select Add New Task Template.

  2. The Add New Template window will come up. Assign a name for the template.

  3. Add a task to the template. This section is optional.    
    1. Click Add New Task.

    2. The new task section will expand. Fill in the fields.

      • Task Name – Assign a name.
      • Service Type – Select the service code for the task. If there is no code, create one or leave the field empty.

      • Office User Notes – Click on the field to expand. Key in a note, reminder or special instruction on the Notes field.

      • Parts and Services – click on the field to expand. Add the parts and materials (inventory or non-inventory) to be used. Add the service or services to be performed.  Items appearing in this section will appear as line items when the job is converted into an invoice.

      • Equipment –  Click on the field to expand. Add the equipment to be used.

      • Attachment – Click on the field to expand. Add pictures, installation manuals or other relevant references. Either add a URL or upload a file.

      • Forms – Add a form that has been set up in the system. These forms may be ones that need to be filled out or signed by the field employee or the customer.

  4. If needed, add another task to the template.
  5. Save the new template. This will be added to the list of task templates.

Edit a Task Template  

  1. Find the task template and click on this to open.

  2. Edit the details from the Template window.
  3. Save the updates.

Delete a Task Template

  1. Find the template.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the template.
  3. Click on Actions and select Delete.

  4. The confirmation window will come up. Select OK to continue or Cancel to abort.