Unassigned Jobs

The Unassigned Jobs section is a listing of all jobs that do not have schedules and/or assigned field employees. 

The unassigned section is at the bottom of the calendar and is available for all calendar views.

If the list of unassigned jobs is not showing, click the Show button.

To close the list, click the Hide button.

Assign or Schedule an Unassigned Job

To schedule or assign the job from the unassigned jobs section, find the job. The jobs will be on the Unassigned section of the calendar where these were created. If the unassigned job was created using the Default Calendar, the job will be on the Unassigned Jobs list of the default calendar.

Click on the job to open the edit window.

Assign the Job

To assign the job, go to the Employees tab.

Select the field employee or employees you want to assign to the job.

Add a crew
  1. Click on the Add Crew Field.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the field employee’s or group’s name. As you tick, the name will already be added to the list. For an employee group, all the crew assigned to that group will be added to the list individually.
  3. Click anywhere on the window to close the list.

Schedule the Job

To schedule the job, add the start and end dates and time.

Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, Estimated Duration

Enter the start date and time of the job. Below that, enter the end date and time. Instead of entering the end date and time, you can fill in the estimated duration or the estimated time the job will take to finish. The end date and time will automatically fill in.

Save or Dispatch the job

Once done, Save or Dispatch the job. To send the job to your field employees in the field, click the Dispatch Now button. This will both save the job into the calendar and send it to the mobile devices of your field employees. If the job is not assigned to any field employee, you will not be able to dispatch this. If you want to save the job into the calendar but do not want it to be visible to your field employees, click the Save button.

Note that if the start date and time are left empty, the job will not go into the calendar and instead will remain in the Unassigned Jobs section.

A job scheduled but unassigned will be plotted on the day, week and month views of the calendar but not on the Timeline Grid.

Edit an Unassigned Job

To edit the job from the unassigned jobs section, find the job you are looking for. Click on this to open the job’s edit window. Edit the details as may be necessary.