Update Company Information

Brand your business in IndusTrack

Information about your company is not just there for records purposes. Upload your company logo and we’ll add these to your estimates and invoices. Your website URL and contact details will always be on those documents too.

Some information about your company will already be in the fields. Go over them and update where necessary and fill in any missing items. Fields with (*) are required. As much as possible, provide complete details. 

Company Name – This is your company’s registered name. Make sure that this is correct (double-check the spelling!). This will appear on many of your forms including estimates and invoices for your customers.

Address* –  Similarly, check that everything is correct. Select your Timezone from the dropdown. By default, device timestamps are converted into your local timezone, but if you would rather see the timestamp local to the device in reports, tick the checkbox Use Device Timezone. 

Contact Details – Provide the company contact details (Phone, Email and Fax) and not the CEO’s or contact person’s information. Indicate the email where customers can contact you on the Customer Facing Email field. 

Company Info – Where applicable, provide the following:

    • URL of your company’s website
    • IFTA License Number
    • DOT ID number
    • Company Logo

Always SAVE any changes you make! The Save button is at the bottom of the General tab.