Vehicle Fuel Receipts Log

Record the details of fuel purchases for each of the vehicles. This will help in tracking oil and gasoline costs and in the generation of complete reports. To access the fuel receipts log, go to Settings > Vehicle Tracking > Fuel Reciepts.

Using the Fuel Log Table

  • Date Field 
    • Click on the date field to expand the calendar.
    • Select the inclusive dates you want to view. Click on the start and end dates on the calendar OR select from
      • Today
      • This week
      • Last week
      • This month
      • Last month
      • This quarter
      • Last quarter
      • Last quarter
      • Custom range
    • Click the Apply button. Receipts from the selected dates will populate the table.
  • The table has 13 columns. Details are based on what has been entered into the Fuel Record.
    • Date 
    • Driver
    • Vehicle
    • IFTA Fuel Type
    • IFTA Jurisdiction
    • Fuel Quantity
    • Fuel Cost
    • Fuel Vendor
    • Fuel Vendor Address
    • Receipt No.
    • PO Number
    • Fuel Card Number
    • Actions button – used to edit or delete a record
  • Sort the fuel logs list
    • Select a field and click on the column header to sort the details according to the selection.

Manually Add Fuel Receipts

  1. Click the Actions button and select Add Fuel Receipt Manually.

  2. Fill in the details on the Add Fuel Receipt window. Items with (*) are required.

    1. Date* – use the date when fuel was purchased.
    2. Drivers* – select the field employee from the drop-down list.
    3. Vehicle* – select the vehicle from the drop-down list. 
    4. Fuel Type* – select the IFTA fuel type from the list.
    5. State* – select the IFTA Jurisdiction (state) from the list
    6. Fuel in Gallons/Liters* – key in the number of gallons/liters of fuel purchased
    7. Cost* – key in the total cost of the fuel. This must be the same as the total cost on the receipt. 
    8. Vendor – key in the provider from where the fuel was purchased. 
    9. Address – key in the provider’s address.
    10. Receipt number
    11. PO Number
    12. Fuel Card Number – fill in if applicable. 
  3. Save the record.

Upload a Receipt

  1. Fill out the fuel receipt import template and save it as a .csv file. The fuel receipt template can be downloaded here.
  2. Click the Actions button and select Load File.
  3. Click the Choose File button and find the file from step 1 on computer.
  4. Click the Submit File button to upload the document.

Edit the Fuel Record

  1. Find the record from the fuel record table.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu to the right of the record.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Edit the details from the Fuel Receipt window.
  5. Save the changes.

Delete a Fuel Record

  1. Find the record from the fuel record table.
  2. Click the 3-dot menu to the right of the record.
  3. Select Delete.
  4. Confirm the Delete action from the dialogue box that will come up.