To set up your equipment list go to Settings > Inventory > Equipment. The Add Equipment window is also accessible through the Inventory List page.

Equipment List

The Equipment page defaults to the Equipment List table.  Information about equipment items is shown in this table.

  • Search Bar 
    • Key in the information you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the table
    • You can search for the equipment type, manufacturer, model, vendor, and sales price.
  • Actions button
    • Use this button to add or create a new equipment record. 
    • Equipment records are also deleted using this button.
  • The Inventory List has 6 tables.
    • Name
    • SKU
    • Manufacturer
    • Model
    • Vendor
    • Sale Price
  • Sort the equipment list
    • Click on the column header to sort the equipment list according to the selected category.
  • List Per Page 
    • Select the number of items to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, 50.
    • Use the arrow buttons to move from one page to another.

Set-up a New Equipment

  1. Click on the Actions button and select Add New Equipment.
  2. Fill in the item details on the Add Equipment window. Fields with (*) are required.

    1. Type* – what the equipment is.
    2. SKU*
    3. Picture
    4. Manufacturer*
    5. Model*
    6. Vendor* – item/equipment supplier
    7. Quantity on hand*
    8. Initial quantity on hand* – beginning balance/count
    9. Reorder point – the minimum stock level of the equipment. This indicates that an order has to be placed when the quantity on hand reaches this minimum number. A notification to order more of the equipment is sent when this happens.
    10. Sales price/rate – selling price of a single unit of the equipment.
    11. Sales Information – brief description of the equipment.
    12. Cost – acquisition price of a single unit of the equipment.
    13. Purchasing information – special purchasing notes, if any, such as required order lead time.  

Serial Numbers

Click ADD NEW BATCH and add the batches of serial #’s.

  1. Save the new equipment.
  2. The new item will be added to the equipment list.

Update the Details on an Equipment Record

  1. Find the item from the Equipment List and click the 3 dot at the right side on the equipment and select Edit.

  1. Update the details.
  2. Save the changes.

Delete an Equipment Record 

  1. Find the equipment to be removed.
  2. Tick the checkbox to the left of the item or items.
  3. Click the actions button and select Delete.
  4. The Delete Confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue or select No to cancel.

  5. The equipment will be removed from the list.