Turn vehicles into warehouses and assign inventory to them for use at the job site when needed.

To set up your warehouses go to Settings > Inventory > Warehouses.

Warehouse List

The Warehouses page defaults to the Warehouses List table. Only the list of warehouses that have been set up is reflected on the table.

  • Search Bar 
    • Key in the warehouse name you are looking for on the search bar and matching information will populate the table
  • Actions button
    • Use this button to add or create a new warehouse record. 
    • Warehouse records are also deleted using this button.
  • List Per Page 
    • Select the number of items to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, 50
    • Use the arrow buttons to move from one page to another.

Set-up a New Warehouse

  1. Click on the Actions button and select Add New Warehouse.
  2. Fill in the item details on the Add Warehouse window. Fields with (*) are required.
    1. Vehicle and Warehouse details

      1. Vehicle*Select the vehicle to be assigned with inventory from the drop-down list.
      2. Nick NameThe vehicle’s name will auto-populate the field. If preferred, edit to give the warehouse a different name. This name will be reflected on the Warehouse List.
      3. Street Address
      4. City
      5. State
      6. Zip
    2. Assign inventory items.

      1. Go to the Inventory List tab.
      2. Tick the checkbox of the inventory item to be assigned.
      3. Update the number of items under the Assign Quantity column.
        1. Only inventory items with quantity on hand can be assigned.
        2. Quantity to be assigned must not be greater than the quantity on hand. If it is, the system will not accept the data.
      4. Add other inventory items to the warehouse.
      5. Once done, click Save And Assign.
  3. Review the assigned inventory items

    1. Go to the Assigned Inventory tab.
    2. Go over the list just created.
      1. To remove an item from the list, unassign it.
      2. To edit the quantity:
        1. Increase – go back to the Inventory List tab and assign the additional quantity.
        2. Reduceunassign the item first. Go back to the Inventory List tab and assign the item again with the new quantity.
  4. Save the new warehouse. This will be added to the list.
  5. The assigned items count will be automatically removed from the Inventory List quantity on hand. The warehouse is now accountable for the inventory.
    • The warehouse Assigned Items quantity on hand will be automatically updated when an item from the vehicle is used and invoiced.

Delete a Warehouse

Before deleting a warehouse, check if it has Zero (0) assigned items. Any existing inventory will be deleted and will be unaccounted for. If there are assigned items to the warehouse, unassign these first before deleting the warehouse.

  1. Find the warehouse name from the list and tick the checkbox to the left.   
  2. Click the Actions button and select Delete.
  3. The confirmation window will come up. Select Yes to continue and No to cancel the action.

  4. The warehouse will be removed from the list.