Customer’s Address Book: Add and Manage Equipment

Keep an inventory with service records of all the equipment/hardware that you have supplied to your customer or any equipment from third-party vendors that you track and/or maintain.

At the Equipment Tab of the client’s Address Book:

  • Manually create a profile of the client’s equipment that you are currently servicing or keeping track of. These do not necessarily have been supplied by your company.
  • Upload the details directly from your Equipment Inventory, if your company supplied the equipment.
  • Keep the equipment service records on file.

Add an Equipment

To add a client’s equipment to their Address Book, click +Add New Equipment from the Equipment tab.

The Add New Equipment window will come up.

The Add New Equipment page has 2 tabs, the General and the Service Notes tab.

  • General Tab – This is where the equipment details are added into.
  • Service Notes – This is where notes and files related to services performed on the equipment are added.

Fill in the details. The fields with * are required.


General Information

Upload from Inventory

Select the equipment/hardware you have supplied to the customer from the equipment inventory drop-down list. Once selected, click Load.

  • If the equipment was not supplied by you, skip this step.

Equipment Information

Equipment details to be included in the equipment profile:

  • Name*
  • Manufacturer*
  • Model*
  • Vendor
  • Serial
  • QR Code
  • Bar Code

If the equipment was uploaded from inventory, the fields will be auto-filled with details that have already been loaded into the inventory (equipment) profile. Fill in any fields that are empty. All * fields are required.

Manually enter the details on the fields if the equipment was not uploaded from your inventory. All * fields are required.

Service Location

The Service Location identifies where the equipment is located. This is especially useful if the client has multiple Service Locations.

If the client has a single Service Location, the field will be empty. Click on the field and select their service location.

If the client has multiple Service Locations, the field will be auto-filled with their main one. To replace, click on the field and select the correct one from the list.

Equipment Image

A photo of the equipment can also be uploaded to its profile.

If the image is available on the Equipment profile, it will also auto-fill into the client’s Address Book if the item was uploaded from Inventory. Add more images, if available.

To add an image, click on the image icon and upload.

Additional Info

Add more details to the client’s equipment profile.

  • Provide specific descriptions of the equipment such as color, size and others.
  • Indicate the specific location of where the equipment is located such as the living room, sales area, office and others.
  • Use the Notes field to document any other information that does not fall under the other fields.


The Warranty fields are very important for monitoring purposes. Although these are not required, make sure that the dates are filled in if the warranties are still in effect. Either key in the dates or use the Date Pickers.

  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – The date when this type of warranty will expire. The warranty normally covers defects and issues in the materials and workmanship of the equipment.
  • Installation Date – Actual date when the equipment was delivered or installed at the Service location.
  • Install Warranty Expiration – The date when this type of warranty will expire. The warranty normally covers defects and issues resulting from installation and repairs.

If you have the Equipment Reminders enabled and set up, reminder emails will be sent out based on the settings and the warranty dates.


Every time service is provided to the equipment, keep a record by creating notes and uploading documents.

Add New Note

Key in notes or descriptions or summary of service performed on the Add New Note field.

Attach a File

Upload reports, checklists, receipts, pictures or any other file related to the service. Click the Choose File button and upload.

Set the Date

The default date is the current date when the record is created or updated. Update to the actual date of service. Edit the default date or use the Date Picker.

Add Button

When done, add the note and or uploaded file to the Service Notes list. Click the Add button to do this.

Service Notes List

Each occurrence of added notes or file uploads is recorded in the Service Notes list, presented in table format.

To view the uploaded file or attachment, click the link under the Attachment column.


Save the new equipment profile. This will be added to the Equipment List.

View Equipment Profile and Service History

Find the item to be viewed from the Equipment List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Equipment History.

View the profile and service history from the Equipment Detailed Report window.

Update the Equipment

Find the item to be updated from the Equipment List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Edit.

Update the equipment profile or the service record as needed. Save once done

Update Equipment – Add Service Note

Find the item to be updated from the Equipment List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Add Service Note.

The Service Notes tab will open. Add the new service record. Save/Add the new note.

The new Service Note will be added to the list and will also be shown under the Notes column of the Equipment List.

Update Equipment – Delete Equipment Image

Click the equipment image and delete it. Save the Equipment profile to complete the deletion of the image.

Update Equipment – Delete a Service Note

Find the Service Note to be deleted. Click the delete icon to its right and Save the profile to complete the deletion.

Delete Equipment

Delete a Customer’s Equipment that is no longer being used or was created in error. It is wise to exercise caution when using this function. Deleting a client’s Equipment record may have an effect on other functions, settings or data. This action can not be undone.

Find the item to be deleted from the Equipment List. Go to the 3-dot menu to its right and select Delete.

From the Delete Equipment window that will come up, select Yes to continue with the deletion. Select No to abandon the action.

The Equipment will be removed from the list.


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