Customer Profile: Manage Contracts

The Contracts Tab of the Customer’s Profile contains a listing of all the Service Agreements and Memberships that have been created and executed for the client.

Aside from being a library of agreements and memberships, monitor the status and completion of the contracts and membership via this page.

There are two tabs on the Contracts Page. The Upcoming Services Page, and the Contracts List. By default when clicking on the Contracts Tab, the Upcoming Services tab will pop up.

The Contract Page will have the lists of all the contracts created for the specific customer.

Use the Add New button to create Agreements and Memberships.

After you created a new Contract or a Service agreement and saved it, the Membership and Service Agreement details will be shown on the listing with their details. The Job Template or Service types included in the agreement/membership, the inclusive start and end dates, and the description of either the contract or program plan.

The 3-dot menu to the right of each contract is used to open it in edit mode, delete it, or view the status report.

Click on the table header to Sort the list alphabetically according to the selected header.

Use the Filter Bar to quickly find an agreement or membership.

Once the Service agreement has been made Jobs and Tasks – with specific recurring schedules – included in the availed Membership are automatically added to the Upcoming Services list. From here once the due date has come, you schedule a job from here.


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