Mobile Supervisor Timesheet

Access Manage Crew

Supervisors have the capability to clock their crew members in and out of jobs or shifts through the Manage Crew button.

Missing Crew Member

Once you get inside the Manage Crew Page, you will see all field employees assigned to the crew listed. If there are missing crew members on the list, tap on Edit Crew.

On the Edit Crew Page, you will find a list of all field employees. You can use the Search field or manually look for a field employee on the list by scrolling down. Once you found the crew member, hit the (+) button so they can be added to the crew members.

Start Job for Crew Members

You are able to start and stop shifts, jobs, and break times for crew members.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you select the Job Number, and, if needed, fill out the Cost Code as well.

Then, tap on the slider to the left of the crew member(s) you want to start an event for. Then click on the desired activity button.

You will notice that the status of the crew member has changed to On Duty after tapping on the Start Shift button and On Job after tapping the Start Job button.

Start Break for Crew Members

If your crew members need to go on break, tap on the Start Break button. You need to make sure that the right members are selected before you hit the Start Break.

The status of the crew member will change to On Break.

Add or Edit Time Record

As a supervisor, you are allowed to add or edit time records for your crew members. Just tap on the Supervisor button and it will take you to the Supervisor page.

Add or Edit before Approval

As a manager, you can also add or edit the timesheet of a crew member before approving it. Just tap on the name of the crew member and it will take you to their Individual Timesheet Page.

Add Time Entry

To create a timesheet entry for your crew member, tap on Add.
To edit an existing timesheet entry, click on the existing entry.

Next, fill out the fields and hit Save. All fields except for Cost Code: Description are mandatory. The new timesheet entry will now appear on the crew members’ timesheets and is available for your approval.

Supervisor Approval

To approve your crew members’ timesheets, tap the slider to the right of the crew member’s name, then hit Approve.

Supervisor Approval

Once approved, the status will now change to Supervisor Approved.