Receive Payments (Completing Payments)

You can receive payments from the Invoice Module, the customer’s Address Book on the Customer Module, the Schedule Module via the Completed Jobs Report and the Estimates Module through the Invoiced Estimates.

You can receive payments from the invoices list. Click the 3-dot menu to the right of the invoice. From the drop-down, select Receive Payment.

You can also receive payment from an open invoice. From the Actions button, select Receive Payment.

The Payment Info window will come up.

The Amount and Balance fields will indicate the total payable. Replace the value on the Amount field with the amount to be paid if the transaction will be a partial payment only. If the total balance is to be paid in full, the value need not be replaced.

From the Payment Type field, select if the mode of payment is Cash or Check.

If the Check option is selected, the Check Number field will come up. Indicate the number details in this field.

Add notes on the Memo field.

The details of the partial or advanced payment that has been previously made will be indicated on the table.

Save the payment details.

The Invoices page of the Invoices Module will be updated.

The invoice will be marked as Paid.

The dollar values on the Invoices Dashboard will be updated accordingly. The full amount of the invoice will now be recorded on the Paid in the Last 30 days summary.