Pre Conditions before Integrating Quickbooks Desktop to Industrack


To synchronize with QuickBooks desktop application, we need to install a QB connector application by IndusTrack. This application allows items to synchronize between IndusTrack and QB.  Before the installation, several housekeeping steps should be performed. Please see the detailed instructions below.  

  • The QB connector needs to be installed on the computer that has QuickBooks desktop running 
    • If you are running multiuser, please switch to single-user mode before the installation of the IndusTrack connector.  
    • If you have QB installed on a server, the IndusTrack QB connector will need to install on the same server 
    • The user must be logged in as admin QB for any type of installation  
  • Syncing IndusTrack to a different version of QuickBooks may result in sync errors. Please let us know before you attempt to sync if you have a version of QuickBooks not listed.  We have fully tested QB Enterprise Solutions: Contractor 22.0   

Warning: Read below before installation 

Recommended tasks for QB   

  • Must create a backup for the Quickbooks before the synchronization.   Also, it is recommended to create a daily backup for the first few weeks 
  • If you need to clean up customers, and items, or mark customers and items inactive, do that prior to sync. Otherwise, all items and customers will be synchronized to IndusTrack.
  • If you are using QuickBooks to set up jobs, for every job QuickBooks will create a customer and ship to location. 
    • If you synchronize you will see that each job will be synchronized as a customer and the ship to location will be synchronized under the location. 
  1. In the image, you see how the customer (Carefree) and its job were set up in Quickbooks.

2. Once this is synchronized to Industrack, this will create a duplication of the customer’s name. IndusTrack only synchronizes the Company name and does not synchronize the full name plus the job name. 

This is how it looks like once the customer (Carefree) and its job synchronized to Industrack. 

  • There are 4 options: 
    • Leave it as is but it will create challenges for looking up customers.
    • Rename the company name of the customer in QuickBooks that are created for the job name for each customer location. Change the company name to add the location name or some designation so when it synchronizes it will be a different company name.
    • Remove the job name from the customer location, must do a backup, and chat with IndusTrack before executing this option.
    • If you do not want to change anything in QuickBooks. Sync everything to IndusTrack then change it to one-way sync IndusTrack to QuickBooks direction.  Now you can delete duplicate customers in Industrack.   In this scenario, all new customers will need to be added to IndusTrack.

Warning: Read below before installation 

Customer Synchronization Setup Prior to Install  

There are three different options for syncing customers first, select which direction you would want to synchronize.

  1. QuickBooks to IndusTrack:  With this option, QuickBooks will act as the Master. Changes made to customer records in QB will be synchronized into IndusTrack. However, any changes made to the customer records in IndusTrack will not synchronize to QuickBooks. This includes changes made to the customer records by technicians and office users. 
  2. IndusTrack to QuickBooks: With IndusTrack to Quickbooks selected, IndusTrack will act as the master. Changes made to customer records, including the addition of new customers, will be synchronized into QB, but changes made in QB will not be synchronized into IndusTrack 
  3. Two-way sync:  When two-way sync is selected, changes made to a customer record in either system will be synchronized into the other system. In the event the same record is changed in both systems, the most recent edit will be the one used. 

NOTE: If you continue to dispatch jobs in QB, these jobs will be synchronized as customers in IndusTrack. The job name won’t be synced only the company name. It would look like multiple duplicate customers once synchronized to IndusTrack. You will need to assign a ship to location to the job in Quickbooks so once it is synchronized to IndusTrack you will be able to determine which location is which customer. 

How IndusTrack synchronizes the customers with multiple locations or service location

  • IndusTrack will map Quickbooks ship to location to Industrack customer under service location. 

QB Ship to Location 

Industrack Service Locations under Customer 

  • When synchronizing service locations from IndusTrack to QuickBooks, service locations in IndusTrack will synchronize as the ship to locations in QuickBooks. 
  • If you have each service location set up as a customer, it will be synchronized as its own customer. To have each service location synchronized under the service location of Customer in IndusTrack, you will need to have each service location set up as ship to in QB. To add a ship-to location in QB, select a customer>click on edit> on the edit customer page> click the plus icon under the ship to as seen on the image below. 
  • Any attachments and notes need to be imported separately using excel files. 
  • Active customers in QB will be synchronized into the active customers list in IndusTrack and inactive customers in QB will be synchronized into the inactive list in IndusTrack. The same is true for IndusTrack to QB sync.  
  • When changes are made to a record, it will not be reflected in the other system until after the next automated sync or a manual sync is performed. 


There are two different options for inventory, services, or items.  Two-way sync is not available for this option.  We will synchronize both active and non-active items to their own respective lists.  

  1. QB to IndusTrack:  This will synchronize inventory, non-inventory, service, and equipment from QuickBooks to IndusTrack. Any changes made to items in IndusTrack will not be updated in QB.  
  2. IndusTrack to QB: This will synchronize the items from IndusTrack to QB only. 
    • If you change an item to non-taxable in IndusTrack, once it is synchronized to QB Desktop version, QB will apply the tax to it. You will need to mark the item as non-taxable in QB or tax will apply automatically. 
    • Equipment items in IndusTrack will synchronize as Inventory items in QuickBooks 
    • Synchronizing inventory from IndusTrack to QB – You will need to assign income and expense accounts to inventory from Industrack so that it will be synced to Quickbooks.
    • We do not sync purchase orders with QB. 1. if you add a new part in Industrack and it syncs to the QB, the correct account needs to be set up in the QB. If the parts are already in Industrack and it was added in QB, it will automatically assign them to the correct accounts associated with it. If you generate P.O in QB and receive inventory in QB and add an invoice in QB for that part, If the part cost is different that will manually need to be updated in IndusTrack. If you are doing sync from Industrack to QB If you generate a p.o in Industrack and receive inventory in Industrack you do not need to update the cost in Industrack. You can enter the invoice from the vendor in QB and also attach it to the job. Industrack does not have an expense or vendor invoice option. 


  • Invoices can only be synchronized from IndusTrack to QB. To import historical invoices for a customer into IndusTrack, you must use an excel file.  
  • Invoices do not automatically synchronize like customers and inventory. Invoices must be approved and marked “ready for sync” before they synchronize to QB. All invoices marked as “ready for sync” will synchronize the next time a sync occurs.
  • Once an invoice has been synchronized from IndusTrack into QB, the invoice number in IndusTrack will change and will match the invoice number in QuickBooks. 
  • If there is a tax set up for a customer in QB, QB will automatically apply the tax to the invoice once synchronized. Tax rates can be applied to customers in IndusTrack to make the invoices match automatically. 
  • After you synchronize the invoice from IndusTrack to QB, once you receive payments in QB and mark the invoice paid, the invoice in IndusTrack will also get marked as paid after sync. 
  • Since we sync customer jobs from QuickBooks as a customer in Industrack, invoices created under customer jobs in Industrack will sync in both the primary customer and customer job on QuickBooks.
  • Please note that the invoices with $0 value won’t get synced to QuickBooks.

How to switch QuickBooks Set up for Multi-User Mode (This is only if you are using the multi-mode, otherwise skip this step)

If you have set up your QuickBooks for Multi-User Mode, this will not allow us to synchronize with IndusTrack. We need to switch QB desktop app to single-user mode before we start synchronizing. We can switch it back later to its original mode once we finish the initial sync. 

How to switch QuickBooks modes: 

  1. Open QB
  2. Click on File 

3. Select switch to Single-user Mode 

4. Go to the task manager find QBW.EXE click on it and then click on End Task. 

5. Open up QB again and it should be in Single-User Mode.