SnowTrack Mobile Basics

To access the SnowTrack settings, click the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner and find SnowTrack.

Inside the SnowTrack Page, the app will automatically search in a .25 mile radius by default. The search radius can be changed in the settings.

Search Location

To search for location manually, tap the Search Location.

Type the location you are looking for in the search field.

Start Plow

Once the location field is populated, you can now select any service buttons. In this case, we will select Start Plow.

Add Image, Attachments and Notes

You can now take pre-image, access site maps by clicking the folder icon or add notes by tapping the paper and pencil icon.

End Plow

Before you can tap the End Plow to end the service, you need to insert the Material and quantity.

Add Material

Here is how adding Material Page looks like. You can select from the list of pre configured selection of Materials.

Add Images

Inside the Pre Image page, tap on the Attach Image button and it will let you choose on what method you want to provide the image. Note that you can add multiple images.

You can choose to use the camera or access your gallery for the image that you want to insert.

By default, when you insert an image, it’s status is Not Synced. You need to go back to the SnowTrack Page by tapping the arrow on the upper left corner.

Tap the Sync button on the upper right corner. It will update the data from your phone to the server. Go back to the Pre Image so see the change.

The status of the image is now Synced.

Delete Image

To delete an image, tap and hold the image you want to delete and a Delete button will appear on the top right corner.You can also choose to press Open to view the image.

Adding Notes

To insert notes, Tap on the Notes icon as highlighted on the image.

Type your notes here and click Ok.