SnowTrack Mobile for Supervisor

Access SnowTrack Supervisor

To access the SnowTrack settings, click the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner and find SnowTrack.

Tap the Manage Crew button to get into get into the next page.

Insert Customer Name

The first thing you need to do is look for the customer before you can select any service below. Tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Once you get to the Customer’s Page, you can either select from the list or type the name of the customer on the search field.

Adding Customers

As a supervisor, you are also allowed to add customers. Hit the Add button located on the upper right corner.

Inside the Add New Customer Page,Provide the customer name and customer number. On the address fields, you can either insert the information manually or use the Locate Me button to automatically populate the fields.

Starting Services

After the customer name is displayed, you can now select which service they require.

Ending Service

Once the crew member is done with the service, tap the red button. In this case, End Salt.