Assign inventory from the main storage facility into warehouses for ease of moving and invoicing these from job to job. IndusTrack provides 2 options for your warehouses – the physical structure and your vehicles.

Physical structures refer to offices or satellite warehouses that have fixed locations. Assign and manage inventory straight from these warehouses instead of your main storage facility.

You can also assign and manage inventory straight from your vehicles. These vehicles with inventory are the other Warehouse option in IndusTrack. Turn vehicles into warehouses for ease of maintaining and using supplies during the performance of services at the job site when needed.

To set up your warehouses go to Settings > Inventory > Warehouses.

Warehouses List

The Warehouses page defaults to the Warehouses List presented in table format.

Sort the Warehouses list

Click on the column header to sort the warehouse names alphabetically.

Filter Bar

Key in the information you are looking for on the Filter bar and matching information will populate the Warehouses table.  

List Per Page 

Select the number of warehouses to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, and 50. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one page to another (if there is more than one page).

Actions Button

This button is used to create and delete warehouses.

Set Up a New Warehouse

To create and manage warehouses, go to Settings > Inventory > Warehouses.

Go to the Actions button and select + Add new Warehouse.

Fill in the item details on the Add Warehouse window. Fields with (*) are required.

General Information


  • If the warehouse is a vehicle, select the one to be assigned with inventory from the drop-down list.
  • This is not a required field for a fixed Warehouse facility.

Nick Name

  • The vehicle’s name (if selected) will auto-populate this field. Use this field to give the warehouse a name. This name will be reflected on the Warehouses List.


Key in the warehouse’s address on the provided fields. Lease these blank if the warehouse is a vehicle.

  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip

Inventory List

This tab contains the list of all active inventory items at your main storage facility. From this list, select the items that will be assigned or relocated to the Warehouse.

Click on the column header to sort the list according to the preferred field.

Use the Filter option to narrow down the list or quickly find an item.

Select the number of inventory items to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 15, 25, and 50. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one page to another (if there is more than one page).

Assign Inventories

Find the inventory to be assigned to the warehouse. Tick the checkbox to the left of the inventory item.

Under the Assign Qty/SN column, set the quantity or select the serial number(s) of the item to be assigned.

Only inventory items with quantity on hand can be assigned. The quantity to be assigned must also not be greater than the quantity on hand. If it is, the system will not accept the data.

  • Inventory Count
    • Set the quantity to be assigned. The default quantity is one, edit as may be needed.
    • If the check box of an item is not ticked, there is no need to update the quantity or set the 1 to 0.
  • Serial Numbers
    • Click the Select Serial Numbers option to bring up the list.
    • Find the serial number(s) to be assigned. Use the Filter option to quickly find a serial number.
    • Tick the checkbox(es) to select.
      • Untick the checkbox to deselect.

Continue to assign all inventories as applicable.

Once done, Save and Assign. The new warehouse will be added to the list.

The count of assigned items will be automatically removed from the main storage facility’s inventory. The quantity on hand on the Inventory List will be updated. The warehouse is now accountable for the inventory.

Assigned Inventory

This tab will be populated once the new warehouse is saved with assigned inventories. Review the assigned inventory item as needed.

To view and update, open the warehouse in edit mode. Go to the Assigned Inventory tab and go over the warehouse inventory list that was just created. Edit as may be needed. Once done, save the changes.

  • The Warehouse Assigned Item quantity on hand is automatically updated when an item from the vehicle is used and invoiced.

Update/Edit a Warehouse

Updating of warehouse inventory is limited to Office Users who have editing permissions.

From the Warehouse List, find the one to be updated. Click on the warehouse name to open the profile in edit mode.

Edit the General And Address information as may be needed.

Update the warehouse’s assigned inventory.

To remove an item from the list, unassign it.

To add another inventory item to the list, go back to the Inventory List tab and assign the item to the warehouse.

To increase an item’s assigned quantity, go back to the Inventory List tab and assign the additional quantity. This will be added to the warehouse’s stocks on hand.

To reduce the item’s assigned quantity, unassign this and assign the item again with the new quantity.

Save the changes.

Delete a Warehouse

Remove a Warehouse from the list that is no longer in use or was created in error. It is wise to exercise caution when using this function. Deleting an item may have an effect on other functions, settings or data. This action can not be undone.

Before deleting a warehouse, check if it has Zero (0) assigned items. Any existing inventory will be deleted and will be unaccounted for. If there are assigned items to the warehouse, unassign these first before deleting the warehouse.

Find the Warehouse name to be deleted from the list. Tick the checkbox to its left.

  • To delete multiple warehouses from the list, tick the checkboxes to the left of all. If all items will be deleted, just tick the checkbox of the Name header.

Go to the Actions button and select Delete.

A warning window will come up. Click the Yes button to continue with the deletion and Cancel to abandon the action.

The warehouse will be removed from the list.