Does my device save data when it loses cellular signal?

When a device loses cellular coverage and cannot send data it starts storing all of the information to its memory. This includes GPS data, mileage data, and motion data from the accelerometer. Once the device reconnects to the cellular network it will upload all of the data it has collected when it didn’t have service. This way tracking information is rarely lost.

You might notice the following behavior when cellular coverage is lost temporarily:

  1. The device will appear to be behind in Industrack Web and Industrack Mobile and not show the current location. This will be corrected when the device regains cellular coverage.
  2. The Breadcrumb report may show the vehicle jumping from where coverage was lost to where the device reconnected to the network.

Because of the device memory, you will rarely lose data and the reports will show correctly once the device is back in coverage.


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