Why are my vehicles orange?

When using Industrack you may encounter some of your vehicles being displayed in orange. Orange vehicles represent a vehicle that has not received any data from a device for more than 24 hours.
This can be caused by a few things:

  1. The vehicle is not associated with a device so there is no data
  2. The device assigned to the vehicle has been unplugged and is unable to report data
  3. The device assigned to the vehicle has stopped reporting data

If the vehicle does not have a device associated with it, follow the steps below to associate a device with the vehicle:

  1. Go to Settings in Indutrack Web and select Vehicle Tracking
  2. Choose Vehicles and find the vehicle that is orange from the list
  3. Click the button with three dots on the right and select edit
  4. Assign the appropriate device from the dropdown next to Assign Device in the General section

If the vehicle does have a device associated with it and is showing orange there will be a status of “No Update” and how long the device has gone without an update. To fix this follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that the device has power
  2. For plug in devices, make sure it is securely plugged in and the device has lights on.For hard wired devices make sure the wires are secure and the device has lights on
  3. Check the lights, if the orange light is flashing fast let the device sit outside so that the cellular can reconnect
  4. If the lights are flashing slow or there are no lights contact Support at support@industrack.com or 612-746-4017 x2
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