App Settings

App settings can be accessed by tapping the 3 lines at the top left of your device.

This will show you the different kinds of dashboard’s that you have access to. The name of the account or user and the time the app was last synced will be displayed as well.

Manual Sync – is located at the top right, it has 2 arrows in a circle shape. You can tap this if you want to manually sync your app to the server and you don’t have to wait for the app to be automatically synced.

Logout – will exit your account from the app and you will have to login to access your account again.

Tap Settings to view the App Settings.


Once you have tapped Settings, this will bring you to the settings of the app and will allow to you to configure some settings for the app.

FULL SYNC – this will get the latest update from the server and overwrite everything on the device. There will be a warning message once you tap full sync, ta Yes to continue.

DELTA SYNC – will pull all the update / changes from the server and will apply it on the app.

Set Sync Frequency (min)

This will show how often the app will sync to the server. Tap to change the value and NOTE that the minimum is 1 minute.

Vehicle Options

Current Vehicle – will show what vehicle is currently assigned to your account.

Default Screen Options

Default Screen – will set the landing page or primary screen whenever you login to the app. To change it, tap the current default screen and choose from the list.

Address Book Options

Show Customer By Location – this will allow the user to show or sort customer by location.

Delete Images

Warning : This will delete images from the Flat Rate Pricebook.


Scroll down to see more about the App Settings.

Current Version : the current version of the app will be displayed here. Once a newer version of the app is available to download, a notice will be displayed in this area. Tap that notice to download the latest version.

Support Phone / Email

Support line will be displayed as well. Tap the support phone number to call the support for assistance or inquiry.

Tap the support email address to send an email to the support team.

Privacy Policy

By tapping privacy policy, this will open a new tab or will open your phone browser and will be directed to Industrack website – Privacy Policy.

Video Training

This will show all available training video’s in Industrack website. It has the process and training in video and written version. This is useful if you are new to the app or the Onetrack website.