Customers’ Address Books Page

Customers are essential assets of any business. Knowing your customer is critical to providing quality service that will keep them coming back to you. With its multiple features, IndusTrack wants to help you easily manage all of your customer relationships in a way that helps your business grow faster.

IndusTrack gives you a single platform to help you organize complex customer information. Its centralized fully integrated Customer Resource Manager will allow you to see everything about your transactions with your customer in one place. IndusTrack makes customer records retrieval easy. Each customer has an address book that contains their profile and records.

To work on Address Books in IndustrackTrack, go to Customer on the module header. If the header is greyed out, you do not have any access to the module. If it does not appear on the header, your company account does not have access to it.

The Customer Module defaults to the Active Clients table which contains all of the customers that have an active status. This is also the page where customer profiles are created and deactivated.

When Clients are deactivated, their profiles are moved to the Inactive (Deactivated) Customers table.  To switch tables, click the More Actions button and select to view the other table (Show Active or Inactive). 

Using the Customers Tables

Both the Active and Inactive tables have 10 columns:

  • Number – This refers to the Customer number.
  • Company – This refers to the client’s business name.
  • First / Last – This refers to the first and last names of the owner or the contact person.
  • Location – This refers to the customer’s service address.
  • Phone – This refers to the contact person’s phone detail.
  • Mobile – This refers to the contact person’s mobile number.
  • Email – This refers to the contact person’s email address.
  • Contracts – If applicable, this refers to either a Service Agreement or Membership.
  • Tags – This refers to the list of tags that have been associated with the customer.

Sort the Customers list

The list gives basic information about the customers. Sort the list according to the customer number, company name, or the first/last name of the contact person. Click on the table header to sort the list alphabetically according to the selected header. This works for both tables.

List Per Page 

Select the number of customers to be displayed per page. Options to choose from are 10, 25, 50, and 100. Use the Previous and Next buttons to move from one page to another (if there is more than one page). This works for both tables.

Search for a Client

Use the search bar to quickly find a customer or simply scroll down the list. Once you find the client you are looking for, click on their name to open their Address Book page. You can view and update the customer’s records and profile from this page. This works for both tables.

+ Add New Button

Used to create a new client profile. This works for both tables.

More Actions Button

For the Active Customers table, this is used to:

  • Create a new client Profile.
  • Create and manage Customer Groups.
  • Move to the Inactive Customers table.

For the Inactive Customers table, this is used to:

  • Create a new client Profile.
  • Create and manage Customer Groups.
  • Delete a client’s profile with their Customer Book.
  • Move to the Active Customers table.