The Customer module holds the information for all your customers in one place. If you want to look up a customer account, use the search bar and you may search for a record by information displayed in the columns.   

From the Customer homepage, you can click on any customer record and their complete profile will be displayed. You can create or assign tag(s) from the top. And if you want to edit the customer profile, click EDIT CONTACT from the top-right corner. 

You can find service locations for this customer under Location tab. You can edit any location and even delete any service location if needed. You can also create a new contact from this section and choose to send estimates/invoices to those contacts. 

 From the Estimates tab, you can view all estimates created for a customer. You can view the estimates for specific statuses and even for a specific date range. Click 3 dots to get options on Edit, Copy, Preview, Print, Send, Delete and others. You can mark an estimate as Won or Lost and even convert an estimate into a job or an invoice using the Actions button.  

From the Jobs tab, you can view all jobs created for a customer and their statuses. You can view jobs for a particular location and during a specific time frame. Click on 3 dots to view the job itself and make any changes if required, convert the job into an invoice or you can also view a detailed job report. 

From the Invoices tab, you can view all invoices created for a customer and their statuses. You can view the invoices for different statuses like Unpaid, Overdue or Paid and even view them for a specific date range. Click 3 dots to get options on Edit, Copy, Preview, Print, Send, Delete. You can view an estimate associated with the invoice and even detailed job report can be accessible. If you would like to receive payment on any invoice, click Receive Payment and complete the necessary steps involved.

 From the Equipment tab, you can view all equipment installed on the customer’s site. You can even view equipment for a particular location. Click 3 dots to edit an equipment, add Service Notes to keep track of service done on the equipment, delete the equipment and you can even view the Equipment Detailed Report to track the job history and notes associated with it. 

Set the Reminders for the office users. You can assign a reminder to one or more office users and even notify customers through it. 

Office, job and site notes are under the Notes section.  
Office notes: These are the notes entered by the office user/dispatcher.  These are internal notes only for office users. 
Job notes: These are the notes entered by the field employees using their mobile app. These can be the notes to inform the office users about what was done on the job site. 
Site/Pinned notes: These are the notes permanently attached to the customer.  These notes are automatically attached when the job is dispatched.  

You can upload files such as site maps, contracts, pictures, and everything can be accessed under the Attachments section. These attachments will also be available to select when you are creating a job for this customer. The pictures uploaded by your field employees while they were on the job site will also be accessible under Attachments section. 

From the Messaging tab, you can send unlimited email messages to your customer and every message will be logged under the Messaging section. The email messages work one-way, and we cannot receive messages back into our system. 

You can view the list of all Upcoming services under Service Contracts tab. Switch to Contract list sub-tab to view all service contracts associated with the customer. Click Add New button to start creating a new Service Agreement.



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