Adding Vehicles & Assigning Devices

To set up a vehicle, go to Settings > Vehicle Tracking > Vehicles.

Go to the Actions button and select +Add New.

From the Add Vehicle window, fill in the fields. Fields with (*) are required. 


Add the vehicle general information in this section.

Vehicle ID*

  • Key in an ID code to be assigned to the vehicle. Alphanumeric codes can be used.
  • Vehicle IDs can only be assigned to one vehicle. This ID number can not be assigned to another vehicle once the ID number has been used even if the vehicle has been deactivated.

Vehicle Name

  • Give the vehicle a name.

Vehicle Type*

  • Select the type of vehicle from the drop-down list
  • The selected type will also determine the vehicle icon. Icons are used to show vehicles on the Map.

Assign Device

  • Click on the Assign Device field and from the drop-down list, find the matching ESN serial number of the device installed in the vehicle. The ESN number is located on a white sticker on the device. Use the last 8 digits of the 10-digit ESN number on the device.
    • If needed, use the search bar to find the number/device type.


Add the vehicle’s fuel usage information on the Average MPG and Gallons/HR at Idle fields to get accurate information on the fuel efficiency report and the accurate cost of idling on the Idle report.

  • Key in the Average MPG and Gallons/HR at Idle on the respective fields.
  • Also, provide the information for the following fields:
    • Vehicle weight in pounds
    • Fuel TypeGallons/HR at idle
    • Fuel Tank Capacity in gallons
  • If your company has to file for an IFTA report, make sure to tick the checkbox of Include in IFTA Reports.

Operating Info

Under the Operating Info, set the Current MIleage and Engine Hours on the vehicle. IndusTrack will track the vehicle’s accumulated mileage and engine hours from the set values. If this is not set, the mileage and engine hours on the reports will differ from the odometer on the vehicle. It will simply state the number of miles and engine hours since the device was installed on the vehicle.   

Key in the Current Mileage and Current Engine Hours on the respective fields. To enable editing of the fields, click on the edit icon to the right (pencil icons).

Key in the following vehicle information on the respective fields:

  • Year
  • Make
  • Model
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Registration Info

Adding the vehicle’s registration information is important to be able to set the registration renewal alerts and reminders.

Add the vehicle registration information to the following fields:

  • Plate Number
  • Registration State  – Select the state where the vehicle is registered from the drop-down list
  • Registration Renewal – Indicate the expiration date of the vehicle registration. This will be the reference date of the Registration Reminders and Alerts.
    • Key in the date using this format MM/DD/YYYY. The date will be reflected on the calendar when this is clicked.
    • Alternatively use the Date Picker to select the date. The selected date will be reflected in the field. 
  • Rate Per Hour –  This is the rate used on estimates and invoices for this vehicle in the Asset section. 
  • Cost Per Hour – This is the cost used on estimates and invoices for this vehicle in the Asset section. 

Save the new vehicle. This will automatically have an Active Status. The vehicle will be added to the Active vehicles table.

You are now ready to assign this to a Vehicle Group or to a Field Employee.