Estimates Reminder

After an office user sends an estimate to a customer, the customer will have the option to mark the estimate as Won, Lost, or Request Changes. When they mark the estimate of any of those statuses, on the Estimate Module the status of the estimate will automatically change.

When this reminder is enabled, the Office User who sent the estimate will receive an email regarding the estimate status update.

To set up Estimate Reminders, go to Settings > Reminders > Estimates Tab.

To enable the reminder, open the Notify the sender about estimate status email template. This will open up the Email Template.

Click on the checkbox of Enable Notification and Click on Update Template.

How to Update the Estimate Reminder Email Template

To edit the Subject, click on the field and update as needed.

To edit or update the Email Body, change the text or key in a new or revised message on the field. The Preview will auto-update as you go along.

To add dynamic fields, set the cursor in the proper place inside the Subject or Body edit box and select a dynamic field from the Add Variable drop-down list. Be careful not to edit/change any letter or character of the dynamic fields as these will not work.

Once done, Update the Template


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