Mobile App Syncing

How to Sync the mobile app.

There are three reasons why the mobile app is not syncing, first is that your mobile app has not been synced yet, second is that your mobile app is not updated to the latest version and third is that your phone is running out of memory.

If the data from the app is not syncing to the office side, here are the things we need to check before uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Three things to take note of:

  • Please note that when you close out the Industrack Mobile App and lock your phone screen, the app will stop syncing.
  • If the Industrack Mobile App is not closed out and you locked the screen, when you open your phone again the app should be synced.
  • If you cleared the Mobile App from the recent apps on your phone, the mobile app will stop syncing.

Before anything else, check from the office side of the Mobile app settings if the Sync Images only on Wifi option is enabled. If this option is enabled that means that if you are on mobile data while using the Mobile App images will not sync.

To check this, go to Settings > Mobile App > under General, and check if the option Sync Images only on Wifi is enabled. Disable this option if field employees will often use mobile data while using the Industrack Mobile App.

1. Check when was the last time the mobile app got synced.

Where to check when the app last got synced – There are two places where we can see the detail of the last sync of the app. One can be seen in the mobile app dashboard just below your name.

Check when was the last time the mobile app got synced

Where to check when the app last got synced – Second, it can be seen in the mobile app settings under the Synchronization Option.

2. Check if the App is on its latest version

The current version of the app will be displayed here. Once a newer version of the app is available to download, a notice will be displayed in this area. Tap that notice to download the latest version.

You can also go to App Store or Play Store, search for Industrack and click on Update.

3. Types of Sync

  • Manual Sync – is located at the top right of the main dashboard, it has 2 arrows in a circle shape. You can tap this if you want to manually sync your app to the server and you don’t have to wait for the app to be automatically synced.
  • Full Sync –  this will get the latest update from the server and overwrite everything on the device. There will be a warning message once you tap full sync, tap Yes to continue.
  • Delta Sync – will pull all the updates/changes from the server and will apply them on the app.


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