Template Settings: Form Templates

IndusTrack has prepared a number of forms that your company can customize and use. Some of the form templates have already been loaded into the system. To view and use these, go to Settings > Templates > Form Templates.

The page defaults to the form categories.

Expand the category (categories) to view the list of Form Templates.

Preview a Form Template

From the list of Form Templates, find the one to be previewed. Click the view icon (eye) to its right.

This will open the form in Preview mode.

Copy a Form Template

Customize and use the Form Templates. It’s easy.

From the list of Form Templates find the one to be copied from the list. Tick the checkbox to its left.

  • To copy multiple form templates from the list, tick the checkboxes to the left of all. If all forms under the category will be copied, just tick the checkbox of the category.

Go to the + Copy button.

A copy of the Form (or Forms) will be added to the Forms List found under the Form Settings. Use the form as it is or customize it according to your preferences and needs.


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